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Jared Schaedle - July Artist in Residence

Jared has been playing and writing songs since an early age with the focus being on Country, Folk, and Rock n Roll for the majority of that time. He sticks to the soul and roots of Honky Tonk Country Music, which have unfortunately been forgotten in the shadow of the mainstream/corporate version of "Country Music." Primarily being a writer, vocalist, and rhythm guitarist, Jared incorporates the talents of many other accomplished and enthusiastic musicians to give his songs the drive and style he aims for, especially at live performances. The band name and line-up may change from gig to gig, but he also has recently been working hard with steel guitarist David Rhodes Brown and bassist Marc Hoffman on a project entitled "Lonesome Jared and The Heart Attacks." Jared tries to deliver the best Honky Tonk style that he knows how, and will also soon be working on some Bluegrass projects. Jared was born on July 3rd, 1987 and calls the Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana tri-state area home.