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Evening Redness

  • The Whiskey Shambles
  • Colors in Mind
The anthemic rock and catchy hooks in Evening Redness’ songs belie the tragedy and loss that run as a theme through almost all the lyrics. Vocalist Brent Billock confronts these darker tones with a defiant yell, as dramatic as the third act of any opera. That comes naturally, as he spent 12 years tackling lead tenor roles on operatic stages throughout the U.S. before finally deciding to pick up a guitar and tell his own story.
Drummer Aaron Williams’ Texas home housed a big musical family, with a stockpile of instruments that were as likely to be used for marching band as for classic rock. His musical journey included jazz, funk and classical studies at TCU, a multicultural stint in Germany, then on to Cincinnati, where he has performed with various bands including prog-metal rockers Kill The Messenger.
A founding member of Cincy Punk Fest favorites Shotgun On Blonde, Larry Geiger has given his lead guitar a more lyrical voice, full of bluesy angst to duet melodically with the operatic vocals. Holding down the lower notes is veteran bassist Greg Greene. After 15 years with local jam band Fairbanks 142, Greg joined the group with a commitment to a driving groove and a solemn vow to never again play Sympathy for the Devil.
This blend of backgrounds gives Evening Redness genre-crossing muscle. Yet the band flexes it sparingly, bringing sonic interest to what remain completely accessible rock songs. There’s nothing here that anyone would call “experimental,” but each piece has just enough invention in it to sound like something new.