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David and Valerie Mayfield

David and Valerie Mayfield first met some 32 years ago at a Bluegrass Festival in Mantua, Ohio...
Valerie did not realize that David was a musician that first night that she met him, she saw him standing across a bonfire at the festival..and she thought "hey, he is kinda cute", and then she noticed that he was looking right at her too.... they immediatiely started walking right towards each other , then they introduced each other and while doing so took each other by the hand and remained holding hands for most of the evening... while walking back to Valerie's brother's campsite "her brother "Larry Sargent" was standing there playing his banjo in a heated jam session after performing on stage earlier that day, suddenly stopped playing when he saw his sister " Valerie" holding hands with "David Lee Mayfield" and he started yelling ! Yes! yes! that is the man you should marry, he is the best guitar player and singer I have ever heard!! Valerie turned towards David and said to him"your a musican"? David turned to Valerie and said "your a musician"? It was fate, that is a true story, and they got married and began playing music together... later on they put together a full piece band, and had a lot of gigs playing for different venues and clubs.. they landed 3 house gigs... and ended up performing 6 nights a week with Weds. off... they had 3 children..... David Ray Mayfield, Amanda Lynn Mayfield and Jessica Lea Mayfield.