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46 Long

46 Long is a Little Band with a Big Groove. We're talkin' a Capital G Groove. A Groove you need a ladder to climb out of. A Ten Story Groove with a massive sign out front that says THIS IS A BIG GROOVE.
We're NOT your usual Blues duo....No pork pie hats, shades, fringe vests, or any of that "sho-'nuff I got de Blues" crap. If you want to hear ,"Stormy Monday," "Sweet Home Chicago," and assorted other 12-bar shuffles,there are plenty of other bands who will do them for you. It's not like there's anything wrong with that. It's just not our thing. Somewhere along the way we turned into something different. Kinda 'we strap stuff to our feet and sing through telephone mics while playing notes that aren't supposed to come out of harmonicas' different. Trust us, it works.
46 Long (Jonathan Reynolds – Guitar/Vocals/happy feet, and Blake Taylor - Harmonica / Vocals / occasional nudity) has been supplying the greater Cincinnati area with high-energy semi-acoustic Blues since the spring of 2001. The duo released "Savor Every Second" in January 2003 and eventually went on to be nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) for Best Blues that same year. In 2007, the boys released “Time’s Right,” also to critical acclaim. The band followed with "Off the Rack" in August, 2010. Along with a handful of originals, the album featured a number of their favorite covers, including Blues classics from the likes of Willie Dixon and Howlin' Wolf as well as original arrangements of songs from artists such as Morphine, Tom Waits, and Nina Simone. The disc scored a surpise finish on WNKU's "Top 89" coming in at #59. In 2010 the duo also garnered a second CEA nomination for "Best Blues." Hitting the studio with unusual speed, Blake and Jonathan released another CD, entitled "Tennessee," in 2012, earning yet another CEA nomination, another WNKU "Top 89" finish, and garnering a couple of "Best of Cincinnati" nominations to boot. 2012 also saw a return of the band's occasional electric gigs, featuring "Joe Pro" on drums.
Once dubbed "the finest dancing White Boy in all of Boston" by Luther Guitar Junior Johnson, Jonathan's musical roots trace mainly to Knoxville where he played with Defenders of the Faith, the late Sarah Jordan's "Jordan Project," and hosted the regionally famous Sassy Ann's Blue Jam. He also spent several years playing guitar (among other things) in West Africa.
Blake, a native New Yorker, left his classical voice and piano training behind to play Rock and Blues for tipsy dancing babes in late-night smoky clubs. Nice work if you can get it. Along the way Blake has fronted Smokestack Lightning in northern England, Blues Cult in Cincinnati, and various other "hired harp" work along the way, most recently with Ricky Nye, Mary Ann Kindel, Cheryl Renee, and Jon Justice. Blake has also been asked to sit in with Spoon, Noah Sugarman, and Jason Ricci on their visits to Cincinnati
46 Long promises a good time and a professional attitude. We've spent enough time playing music and have seen too many bands who don't take their work seriously. We guarantee that we will be on time, courteous to all concerned, and play to the best of our ability at every show. Simply put... no B.S. or music egos.
Oh, and the name? Put it this way, at 6'3" and 215 lbs, Blake is the little one.
Past and Present Venues include: Midpoint Music Festival; Arnolds; Southgate House Revival; Paxton's Grill; Mahogany's; East End Cafe; Coco's; Glendale Pub; Jazzmania; Ridge Day Festival; Acoustic Lunch Series at Piatt Park; City BBQ; The Madison Theater; Starbucks; the Pendleton Gallery; and many other highly selective music venues....