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the Night Divided. Anything but Bear. WolfCryer. A M Nice

  • The Night Divided
  • Anything but Bear
  • Matt Baumann
  • A. M. Nice

The Night Divided : - "The fresh angular-jerk sound of Unspoken Word serves to couple and accent the forward snide fem vox directly linked with precise bass rumblings and drumming dynamics. The result is a scathing, sheer-punk fuck-off attitude in ample proportions * * * Unspoken Word is a solid debut that affirms their place in the modern 2014 Greater Cincinnati scene and is definitely a band to watch in this next year." -THWART 1/25/14

Anything but Bear : -[tiger pit records] if you like your rock sounding lo-fi, noisy but melodic, dreamy and punkish, then you'll love this three piece 

WolfCryer : - "Wolfcryer (aka Matt Baumann)’s voice is a well-turned tenor with a just a touch of grit in it; his melodies are both earnest and mappable to a staff in a way that Leonard Cohen’s probably aren’t. He’s got confidence enough that his personality shines through, but without sounding overdone * * *If you’re into singer/songwriters like old-school Damien Jurado, Songs:Ohia, Josh Ritter at his quietest, or Gregory Alan Isakov, you’ll be into Wolfcryer." -Independent Clauses 12/16/13

A.M. Nice : - (aka Adam Nice) sometimes solo, sometimes with accompaniment, mellow indie rock with guitar tricks borrowed from well known polyvinyl releases, frequently described as a blend of Geoff Farina and Bob Nanna