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The Company Stores

The Company Stores are a folk fusion band from Charleston, WV, that smoothly blends elements of many genres of southern music. They pull inspiration from styles such as Delta blues, Appalachian folk, gospel, jazz, and other Americana music, then layer in their own modern styles and rhythms.Vocalist Casey Litz's sultry and soulful voice captivates the audience, while the band lays down bluesy grooves between dynamic builds.
The Company Stores are a melting pot of possibilities. "We like to blend the old with the new, just like every musician in history, whether they know it or not" tells drummer John Query.
The band has been performing and writing together for over a year, all the while forming a close musical bond among themselves and their hometown. They are currently recording their first album, with a tentative release date to be announced for the Spring of 2014.