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Lick Skillet CD Release

  • Red Beard's Revenge
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If you're into good old American rock 'n roll, you'll be into Lick Skillet. A five member originals rock band based in the Southwestern Ohio/Northern Kentucky area, their style spans the rock genre from roots to the hard stuff, with a touch of country and folk around the edges. Fueled by the varied original compositions of band members Mark and Jim Weierman, along with select, "Skillitized" covers, the band is anxious to share it's music with audiences large and small in the Greater Cincinnati area and beyond. The lineup rounds out with vocalist/pyromaniac Danielle Kuntz, bassist John Estep and drummer Kip Vineyard.
Their first studio release, the three song EP Overmedicated, has received college airplay from Kentucky to Massachusetts. Two of the songs from the EP, "Ain't Gettin' Any" and "Don't Wanna Follow You Down", have been featured multiple times on WNKU's Homegrown Music Connection, and also enjoyed regular rotation on that station's locally produced programming for the bulk of 2008.
If you're looking for something other than typical cover band fare; if you delight in rock that is fresh and original while staying true to the form; if you want music that penetrates the psyche while kicking solid ass, then come out to see Lick Skillet as they rip up their repetoire, unveil their latest material and party on down. Overmedicated is available on disc from and the songs can be downloaded from itunes and others.



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