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Northside Garage

  • The Mudlarks

NORTHSIDE GARAGE (Cincinnati, OH) is throwing a launch party for their upcoming two-song EP. While working on their next LP, these two songs refused to stay in their cage until the album was finished, so those repairmen of rock were forced to let them out early. With a powerful return to their driving rock style, these songs will have even the most stoic of wallflowers nodding their heads to the beat.
Northside Garage plays infectious, dance-inducing garage rock, straight from the Queen City. Their high-energy live shows are filled with high-energy music to match, drawing influences from blues, rockabilly, and punk rock. Sleek, fast, and powerful, Northside Garage plays the sonic equivalent of a ’67 Buick 355 Wildcat with nitro.
"One of my favorite local bands in town to go out and see...everybody's cool, down to earth, and (they) put on a great show live.” ~Eddy Mullet, ClassX Radio
TIGER SEX is a four piece rock n’ roll band, born in Las Vegas, that brings the past and future together with their in your face sound. With influences ranging from the birth of rock n’ roll to dirty garage punk, they created their own music that will make your minds melt. Like an angry, dirty tiger that hasn't eaten, they’re Extra Wild!
THE MUDLARKS Witt-Guitar, Vocals, Pedals, Accounting, Lambert-Bass, Vocals, Veteran Barber, Davidson-Guitar, Pedals, ScientistCole-Drums, Medically Insured All four men were born into the mid-20th epochal time line to suburban to centaurian engineers, frontiersmen, marketeers, and of course geo-commons both above and within the Eight Great Ohio Underground Valley's in various unconnected counties near the Bay of Fundy.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)