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Jerry Castle

After years of hard living and hard lessons learned, Nashville singer/songwriter Jerry Castle reflects on his path to Desperate Parade, his third solo release available June 25th, “I think 10 years ago I just wasn't equipped to deal with a lot of the emotions that I had coursing through my veins.”
Raised in the Appalachian town of Abingdon, Jerry Castle first flirted with fame in the regionally successful jam band Toast before going solo in 2004 with his debut Back Side of Down. But the hard living lifestyle on the road and a severe case of writers block lead to working behind the scenes with a foray into radio promotions, and brief stint as a writer on Music Row. In 2010, he returned to music with the aptly titled Don’t Even Ask. But so did his demons.
“You can't be aware of the things about yourself and your music that need to be corrected if you're in a thick fog at all times,” says Castle. But the past three years have brought clarity to his personal and professional life.
Encouraged by friends and colleagues Adam Fluhrer and Michael Dale, Jerry entered into the studio in the fall of 2011 with Dexter Green (Collective Soul, Cory Chisel). A year and a half later, he returns with his most uplifting and hopeful collection as reflected in tracks like “Calm,” co-written with Mando Saenz and Chad Brown, which creates an idyllic partner and relationship, “it helped me to escaped the reality of my life for a moment.” “Be The One” captures the excitement of that initial romantic connection while “Precious Time” is about living in the moment.



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