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Intro Signal

Intro signal is a mix between digital and analog, a cross between electronic and guitar driven rock, a blend of old and new school progressive rock.
One day Chris Roscoe, an aquaphobic marine biologist, began writing songs on his guitar. He grew up with a heavy dose of the Beatles from old cassette tapes and Nirvana from saving up some cash and hitting up Everybody's Records. Chris was recording on his own but he met Jeff Brennan, a trillionaire playboy from east india and ,a percussionist, turned bass player. Chris and Jeff started working on the structures of the songs and adding bass parts. Realizing that they wanted a bigger sound than they were able to produce with just a bass and guitar, they posted an ad on craigslist. Originally from Cali, Jimmy King was lounging around northern Kentucky with his guitar and his MacBook, mixing music for local bands who could pay the exorbitant fee, but what he was looking for was some guys to jam with, to write with and to produce their own tracks. Mark Fuller, Owen Wilson's butt double in You, Me and Dupree, had heard some recordings that they had put together so he sat in on drums at rehearsal one night... and the rest, as they say, has yet to come.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)