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Andrew Ellis

Folk/Americana artist based out of Toledo, OH. He has recently, released an independent full length album of heartbreakers and somewhat apocalyptic imagery titled "Post-Scarcity". Presently, he is playing/touring as a one man band. Incorporating, kick drums into his performance.
"Rather than blindly mine hoary folk and blues traditions that were getting stale 35 years ago, songwriter Ellis infuses his work with factory floor grit, edgy barroom menace, and a sense of confidence while still drawing on traditional roots. With a craggy, quirky, emotive voice he presents the songs with a fascinating combination of cockiness ("Fair Share of Violence") and sensitivity (the wonderfully simple but effective "Tail Lights.")” - Rod Lockwood, Toledo Blade
“After that wild and loud opening, blogspot readers, it was time to relax with the stories of love, heartache and lost by Andrew Ellis. This singer/songwriter troubadour from Toledo, OH told (or sung) his tales with heartfelt vivid that illuminated not only the words of each song but also picturesque imagery to make them pop to life. SouthSide was impressed by Andrew's strong vocal style to which she was easily touched by the emotional sentiments expressed while listening to him sing especially during his second song. It was truly amazing to feel his stories burst with colorful images in the mind in between listening to gentle vocal tone of his voice coupled with his acoustic riffs. For example, you could simply "feel" the remorse in knowing his mother would hate the song about being a bad boy during this rockin' country rockabilly ditty. The lively combo of Americana with this rockabilly sound did have this reviewer's feet tapping along to the upbeat acoustic rhythm.” - Tanya Vega, Southside Blogspot Chicago