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  • Sulla
  • Emanuel Carr
LZRPNY is the brain-child… beer-child of Rob Lazer, who while working during recess (somethings already wrong with this sentence) he overheard a young girl ask another if she wanted to play “laser ponies”. It would turn out that laser ponies was nothing but a game of tag, but Rob liked the name enough to call his band Lazer Pony, later shortened to LZRPNY. And thus in early 2010 LZRPNY was born in the muggy upstairs of the Lewis Barn with a dusty old drum set, a twelve pack and a microphone without a PA. There Rob Lazer, Pony Rhodes, and former drummer Lex Lazer would play the one song they knew and had written at the time “Drunk Last Night”. A short time later Johnny San Francisco and Walter Lazer would join ranks to fill out their sound. Growing tired of Drunk Last Night the band began experimenting with various covers and writing new material, within months they had enough in their arsenal to take stage.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)