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  • Boomslang
Boomslang and Manitoa are bringing their rock fusion to Stanley's Pub on 12/23. $5. Be there, or be prepared for a stocking full of coal on Christmas. - Manitoa Manitoa is quickly emerging as the premier RockTronica band in the music scene today. Creating a genre and sound all their own, dubbed "TribalDance RockTronica", Collin FireStarter LetsGo (Keys, Synths, Samples), Edward FlipNasty McGnarls (Bass), DJ Reber (Drums, Electronic Drum Pad), Mark "Mavis" Meredith (Lead Guitar), and Eric Turner (Rhytmic Guitar and MouthSounds) fuse elements of today's popular "live jamtronica", and EDM with old school Hard Rock riffs and "guitarmonies" reminiscent of 80's and 90's Arena and Grunge Rock while keeping positive and transformational themes throughout. Boomslang Boomslang is the summation of four collective minds striving for a unique experience, note by note, show to show. Boomslang is the fusion of different origins melding into a singular sound. Born on Court Street during the biggest Halloween block party in the country, Hellnaw drum and bass superduo invited their friends Joe Etgen and Michael Brokamp to perform at the massive show. Shortly thereafter, the band separated into it's own entity known as Boomslang.