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The Punknecks

Jason and the Punknecks is the Most dangerous Band in Bluegrass /Country Music Ever...with Jason Punkneck from tenneseee and polly punkneck from wichita kansas..after Meetin In hollywood in A check cashing place bein robbed Jason heroiclly saved Miss Polly Punkneck from the Bandits..ever since then the 2 have been inseperable andthis Heiarchy of Punk country music icons are .Known for a rowdy show of drinkin and smokin pot..livin between heaven and hell and Drinkin Druggin and'll never know what to expect outta Jason and the punknecks Now with 6yrs solid road tourin America coast to coast Border to border of 280-300+ shows a year..jason and the punknecks are known for a high Energy Live show.with Nick Parisi On Drums and adam kowalski on Bass guitars raise your Glasses for when the Punknecks come to your town be ready to party..over 250+ youtube videos search jason and the Punknecks on google.