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Gypsy Jug Band

Seven years ago a concert in the hills of Appalachia drew together people with a similar interest in music. Four of those people happened to be musicians who found themselves gathered round a fire playing music that they knew and loved. The music that was played that night was never forgotten. Shortly after that night those four strangers began practicing together and called themselves Oscar and Earl’s Travelin’ Gypsy Jug Band. For the next year we would play various venues in Southern Ohio. We moved home base to Chillicothe and shortened our name to The Gypsy Jug Band. A few years passed and the band went through some lineup changes. We’re constantly developing and evolving with our music. Now our lineup is Chad Stout on lead guitar, Roger Downs on drums, Chuck Good on bass, Dannie Sutherland on vocals, and Brandon Fox on rhythm guitar and lead vocals.