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  • Elysian Souls
  • Dr. Foxcroft
Stolit is a Reggae Rock band from the East side of Cincinnati.
Elysian Souls is a band out of the Cincinnati area mustered up by Gary Robbins, Elliot Meacham, Cort Setters, and Bryan Yahtzee. We carry a solid and refreshing sound of character, depth, and groove in a sea of funk, blues, soul, reggae and the art of jazz that'll make your heart shake and inner substance quake. We play what we like and are inspired by, and hope you enjoy listening to what we create.
This band is a family. We have spent years and years together, and have been together to witness and share in learning so many lessons in life. This has brought us to a point of understanding: we are all one Spirit. This is how music speaks to us. Music is a universal language; it is a representation of emotion that anyone who truly listens can understand. It brings people together. That is why we love making music so much. The goal is to share that connection not only with the other musicians, but with anyone who is present. And the goal should be to carry that connection beyond the arena of playing music, and into the lives of everyone we see, all the time. The most important thing you should know about this band is that we love you from the bottom of our Heart. If you like our music, that's a bonus!



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)