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  • The Kickaways/Keeps/Joey Cook (of Pomegranates)
Healing Power is a psychedelic pop soul punk band. With humble beginnings in the heart of Cincinnati – where neighbors throw block parties that farm animals are also invited to – two friends, Jacob Merritt and Isaac Karns, began playing music. The two grew to four including Joey Cook and, most recently, Curt Kiser, and humble song-writing turned prolific. The next three years saw the release of three full-length albums, Everything Is Alive, Everybody Come Outside and One Of Us – with the band receiving critical acclaim from the likes of KEXP, WOXY, Spin and more. And 2012 has promised us another, Heaven.
On Heaven [Healing Power] showcase their musical diversity and uncompromising vision. From Pink Floyd swirls on the rollicking “Letters”, to the stripped-down piano stylings on beat-driven, “Surfing the Human Heart”, the album reads like the best of roller coasters. A unique blend of stirring and surprising psychedelic dream rock that’s as tender as it is ass-kicking: [Healing Power] own this. Sweet, thoughtful, innocent, direct, wild – Heaven has clearly come to earth. What could be more deserving of your listen?



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)