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The Frankl Project

  • The Mercators
  • Come Here Watson
Jake Tippey, Joe Frankl and Paul Schroder have been playing music together for ten years. They learned their instruments together, playing in bars years before they were allowed to stay, let alone drink. Though talented in their own rights, music was never viewed outside the context of a band, or one another. This had led to a particularly tight musical outfit, and a distinct creative vision. Through a formative decade, The Frankl Project has been difficult to categorize and place within genre, but there are a few constants:

A) Songwriting: Consistently intelligent and emotive lyrics, paired with music that supports the song structure, crafted to capture the listener.

B) Dynamics: Equally one of the loudest and quietest bands to watch. Sometimes song to song, but often within each piece, dynamics ebb and flow like breaths. Never too loud for too long or too slow to lose interest, The Frankl Project has tapped into the excitement of the crescendo and the subtlety of silence.

C) Passion: for their beliefs, their music and each other. The Frankl Project is kinetic, pouring energy, meaning every word and movement. An image of integrity and humility isn't an easy sell; these three know they have to work that much harder to convince you.

We thank you for listening with attentive ears and an open mind.

"The Mercators sidle slinky and slow. Whether soaked in fuzz or ramshackle twang, there's a foot-tapping energy that infests their musical foundation like hook-hungry termites gorging themselves." Chris Parker-Independent WeeklyTrying to write songs we enjoy. We hope you enjoy them as well.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)