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500 Miles to Memphis

  • Black Owls
  • Jackass
  • Animal Circles
  • The Sundresses
  • Kelly Thomas and The Fabulous Pickups
  • Sticky Honey
  • Veronica Grim
  • Martin Luther & The Kings
  • The Mudpies
  • State Song
  • Secondary
  • Dual Brothers
On Saturday, June 29th, after leaving their gig, the guys in Mad Anthony were in a terrible accident just outside of Louisville. They were traveling to their next show in Evansville, Indiana. Adam was behind the wheel, Ringo in the passenger seat and Marc was taking a nap in the back. They hit a nasty storm and hydoplaned off the road into a line of trees. Marc and Ringo both sustained injuries to their heads that required stitches and staples and Marc also suffered a fractured vertabrae. The van was destroyed and all gear is still unaccounted for. Please join us to raise as much cash as we can to help these guys out! We want them to be able to heal and recover and obviously there is a van and gear that need to be replaced.

The bands confirmed to date are below. More tba!
$10 advance/$12 Day of show All proceeds to benefit MA
18 and up welcome!

The Mudpies
Martin Luther and The Kings
Veronica Grim
The Dual Brothers
The Sundresses
State Song
Animal Circles
Kelly Thomas & the Fabulous Pickups
Sticky Honey
The Black Owls
500 Miles to Memphis