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Joe Robinson

I’ve basically played guitar for as long as I can remember. I don’t think of myself as being self taught as the influence of so many greats is what fueled my obsession with this instrument. From Jimi Hendrix to Django Reinhardt to Jason Becker; I learned from the best.
Since day one, I always found it easier and more intriguing to create songs rather than learn existing ones, so the compositional element of my music is somewhat deep rooted. I’ve released 3 albums of original material and performed all over the world in some radically different musical situations and environments. I love to adapt.
In the early days I was playing my own kind of weird amalgam of blues, rock and funk, later resorting to a solo acoustic format to facilitate the touring I wanted to do. In recent years I’ve toured predominantly with my own trio featuring drum and bass players I connected with in Nashville, TN.
My latest release is an EP called ToeJam and with this project I decided to simply write, produce and release 4 songs as a kind of taste of where I may go next. Rather than worry about the repercussions of the music I was creating, I simply followed my instincts and ensured that I was heavily involved in the production by writing as well as playing almost all the instruments.