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Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost is a group of raw rockers backing the godfather of the St. Louis scene. Bob began playing rock and roll when in early 1966, while the memory of it's founding practitoners were still very fresh. He went on through a long series of garage rock, punk and soul bands. In 2009, while in the hospital Bob was visited by a Mat Wilson, a fan of Bob's radio show, Bob's Scratchy Records. The two shared their stories and Wilson decided the time was right for Bob's rediscovery. Big Muddy label head Chris Baricevic enlisted the help of Mat to co-produce a record what would re-introduce Bob to the world and to the younger generation coming up. Musicians were pulled from the roster of Big Muddy's bands and "Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost" was created on reel-to-reel in Bob's kitchen. The folk-punk-folk tinged album was released locally to warm reception. The project was successful and Bob was awarded the Riverfront Times' "Best Songwriter of 2010."



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)