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The Original Hillbilly Thursday

  • featuring Cletus Romp
Cletus Romp, based in Cincinnati Ohio, bring their own blend of swampy, backwoods ruckus to the table. They unapologetically draw inspiration anywhere from Drive by Truckers, Tom Waits, CCR and Motorhead to the local junkyard. Cletus Romp will have you stomping, shaking and shimmying like you're at a southern tent revival. The low end pulls from a background in Motown and early sabbath, while the the rhythm guitar pushes on with wild eyed abandon. All the while the percussion is hammering along with a heavy hand that you can't help but stomp your feet to. Lyrics are thrown out like a carnival barker. The staccato vocal attack is offset with a pure tenor harmony. This roar is accented by more percussion being laid down on a skeleton of brake drums, suspension springs, duct work and corrugated sheet metal. It all culminates in a sound that's greater than its parts. So big and gritty that you can't help but get sucked into the stories they're telling, and believe that they might just be true.