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  • Us, Today
  • Harbour
*an additional $3 will be charged at the door for patrons ages 18–20*
Launched in 2012, Polyenso is years in the making. Having made music together for the last three years, the members of Polyenso are excited to release their debut album, One Big Particular Loop, in the coming months.
Us, Today is a trio (drums, guitar, vibraphone) based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Their style is best described as an avant-garde blend of jazz, rock, minimalism, and electronic music, with a heavy emphasis on experimentation and improvisation.
The Monument is a group of good friends who are extremely passionate about writing and performing the music they love. Since forming as a 3 piece in October of 2010 The Monument has undergone some changes making them who they are today. With a goal to reach out to people with their music and inspire them to do what they love, The Monument couldn't imagine doing anything else with their lives. Expect big things.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)