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Mike Wade Quintet Woody Shaw Tribute

The Mike Wade Quintet, with Marc Fields, will be live Friday March 29, 2013 at the Thompson House at 8pm. This show will feature the collective works of Woody Shaw, one of the best Trumpet players ever.
Accompanying Mike and Marc will be Dan Karlsberg on Piano,Will Wagner on Bass and Art Gore on Drums.

Mike Wade, currently the Band Director at Withrow High School, began his journey with the trumpet during his preteen years. While a student at The Duke Ellington School of Arts in Washington DC, he received a National Symphony Scholarship to study with Symphony Trumpeters. Following a year at Howard University, He completed his musical education with a Bachelors in Music Education at Central State University on full scholarship.

Professionally Mr Wade has been prolific in performing, recording, composing, producing and arranging to his credit. He has recorded three CD's under his name; "Standard Time", "The Broach Approach", and "Reality".


Even though the trombone is often thought of as the "underdog"

 instrument of jazz, Marc Fields can identify with its qualities. His chosen instrument seems to demand a higher level of musicianship than those with whom he shares the bandstand. Be that as it may, Marc exemplifies how it can be a great instrument in skilled and loving hands. His quest as a composer is to create jazz oriented music that will produce a spiritually sound atmosphere. 

Marc Fields, in addition to his position at CCM, actively performs freelance work in the regional area, and still performs with the Cohesion Jazz Ensemble, Clyde Brown Unlimited and his own jazz quintet.