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Brooke Annibale

  • Sam Brenner
Pittsburgh native and singer-songwriter Brooke Annibale combines earthy vocals, insightful lyrics and acoustic pop folk sounds to create dynamic and engaging performances. Vocally, she has a smoky quality similar to John Mayer, and employs a pleasing thickness and pitch that are reminiscent of Natalie Merchant. Her lyrics bleed with an uncommon wisdom for a twenty-four-year-old, as the tales she tells about love, loss, faith and finding yourself are simultaneously deeply personal and wholly universal in their application. 25-year-old singer/songwriter Sam Brenner is an independent artist on the rise. His harmonious debut album, Where We Begin, showcases an emotional depth & subtle confidence that is rare in most young musicians. Since Where We Begin’s 2011 release, Brenner has been busy bringing his songs to backyards, clubs, coffeehouses, and colleges all across the country. He has opened for artists such as Lifehouse, Bushwalla, and Steve Moakler. His unique guitar- playing style, crisp voice, and knack for inclusion makes a Sam Brenner live show one that cannot be missed.



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)