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Beneath Oblivion

  • Black Pharaoh
  • Stonecutters
  • Moonbow
Beneath Oblivion recorded their new 2xLP titled 'FROM MAN TO DUST' with Andy Perkins (Mal In Se, Knife the Symphony, 24hourflu, etc) and mastering duties were handled by the legendary Billy Anderson (the Melvins, Sleep, Buzzoven, and too many more to name), the album is slated to be released by the Mylene Sheath on vinyl and digi-pack CD in September 2011. Crushing any preconceived notions and all material released up to this point, this record is nothing like Beneath Oblivion has ever done. Whether you just found out about them, or have been following them through the underground since 2003, this new album will blow you away. They will be playing sporadically throughout the United States throughout 2011-2012... be sure to catch them."