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The Harlequins

"Hailing from Cincinnati, one of the birthplaces of rock ‘n’ roll, means you have a pretty big legacy to live up to. Rock is in the bloodstream of this entire region. Once the home to King Records and its sister label Federal Records, responsible for discovering some guy named James Brown who pretty much taught the entire earth to dance in the twentieth century, Cincinnati and O
hio in general have done a great job of turning out high energy bands best experienced at loud volumes when you are among a large, writhing group of fellow revelers. Luckily, the Harlequins are another fine addition to this tradition. The band members all met each other at parties. Not at school, not at work, not from an ad. Parties. It makes sense that they make music appropriate for such situations." - VICE MAGAZINE



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)