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Urban Revival Art Show (feat. work by Derek Toebbe)

  • Granny 4 Barrel (feat. members of Hayseed Dixie

The locomotive just came off the tracks!
Witness country music's first, and only,shock country rock n' roll band "Granny 4 Barrel".
Granny and her delinquent family hail from the woodlands of Upstate New York……that's right buddy boy, northern style hillbillies! G4B is taking pride in unnerving folks across the country with their hellacious Charlie Daniels meets AC/DC sound and over the top stage show.When this backwoods ballerina and her posse storm the stage, it's as unpredictable as a powder keg!
Y'all aint never seen nothin' like this before! Behold, country music's craziest rock n' roll outlaws.....Waylon and Johnny'd be mighty proud!
Who's Your Granny!!?….…G4B is!!



The Southgate House Revival (The Revival Room)