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Dean Simms and the Hot Notes Band

Dean Simms and the Hot Notes Band, a Louis Armstrong tribute, will be live at the Thompson House Friday October 19, 2012
Ticket price $10.

The “Rebirth of Louis Armstrong Show” is the latest sensation to hit the entertainment scene today. Virtuoso trumpeter Dean Simms is the leader of this awesome 7 piece band. His talent is well versed in various styles of music genres. He has played or recorded lead trumpet with many famous acts, such as the Ohio Players, Rick James Stone City Band, Peabo Bryson, Little Anthony, Roger Troutman, and many more.
When Dean Simms started doing impersonations of Louis Armstrong nearly twenty years ago, not only was he an excellent trumpet player, but discovered he had the uncanny ability; to match is singing style, with minimal effort. Since that time, he’s mastered Armstrong’s voice, and showmanship down to a science! This is what places him above the other Armstrong imitators.
As a matter of fact, each time Dean Simms performs as Louis Armstrong, astonished fans everywhere express in amazement, “When I close my eyes I hear Satchmo”. Simms is told on several occasions by audience members; they do a double take to see if it’s an Armstrong recording, or is it really Simms singing. It feels happening right before their very eyes, the spirit of Louis Armstrong likeness, is actually being manifested through Dean Simms!