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Green Light Morning

Aaron and Aaron will be playing acoustic duo set for the Play it Forward charity event. Info in Play it Forward: Mission Original mission statement: "The dedication of musicians to their craft and to the enjoyment of so many sometimes comes at the expense of their financial security and well being, occasionally leaving them in very dire straits. We seek to educate the public about those cases and to create and manage an investment fund whose annual profits will be used to assist musicians and their families in times of catastrophic need." We are currently working to revise this mission statement to reflect the fact that we are also seeking to become more proactive in taking care of the needs of the Tri-State music community. We would like to build and maintain a membership based program of managed access to low or no-cost health care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment services for independent, working musicians. This type of program has been very successful in other cities and we would like to bring this to Cincinnati. Ultimately this type of program will help draw, retain, and sustain top talent in the Tri-State music community. A vibrant musical community is an essential element of every great city, and Play It Forward wants to keep our musical community healthy and thriving. Help support this mission by spreading the word and donating to the cause! Company Overview Helping to retain and sustain top talent in the Cincinnati area by supporting the musicians themselves. With your support, we endeavor both to assist those in times of dire need, as well as proactively act as comprehensive resource for the independent working musician. ~John A. Sheil, Executive Director All donations can be made directly on our website, just go to and click the...See More Description We are a 501c3 organization that raises money for musicians in truly dire situations. We were founded by Gary Burbank to help those musicians who make at least 51% of their income playing music to get back on their feet after getting knocked down by an unforeseen catastrophe. We are currently trying to build the organization to provide low, or no-cost, access to health care, mental health, and s...See More General Information Gary Burbank, local comedian, radio celebrity and musician, founded the 501c3 nonprofit organization Play It Forward to support local musicians and to help foster a strong local music community in the Greater Cincinnati area. Many wonderful musicians, friends, and music supporters have joined him in this cause. The concept revolves around the idea that for every kindness we receive, we can "pay it forward" by doing something nice for others.