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Madlove Music Festival

  • Manic Focus
  • Cal Scruby
  • Neon Medusa
  • Those Guys
  • DJ Fursur
  • Monty Benjamin
  • YZE
  • Jonah Rousseau
  • OLU
  • DJ Deepfro
  • Spark Tabor
  • Chip Denallen
  • Riley
  • Jalen Newman
  • Knolls
  • StarcrossedLovers
  • DJ Sinceer



Sawyer Point

Located on Cincinnati's Central Riverfront, Sawyer point is an outstanding riverfront park that hosts some of the cities most unique events.


Madlove Music Festival :: This Weekend

The Madlove Music Festival will be held at Sawyer Point this Friday, May 25 and Saturday, May 26. The festival describes themselves as an innovative art show, live show, and dance party meant to spread love an unity in Cincinnati. This is the first year the festival has taken on the riverfront...