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Pharaoh Loosey

  • Mission Man presents Mission Man opening for Pharaoh Loosey at Stanley's Pub on Wednesday April 18th, 2012. Free show! 

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Mission Man has inspired many others to do what they love in his nearly 20 years of rapping, and 14 years of playing the drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, producing and performing. He's not known just for his prolific career, but for his continuing passion about what he does. Gary does not curse in his rhymes. He makes hip-hop without ego in order to grow. While it has never lead him to make a career from music, it has enriched his life in truly meaningful ways. Music has also saved his life. You can download a handful of his songs for free at if you're not ready to spend $20 to download his massive collection, or you can find out more at

"Whack Formal" is a term used to describe the music of Pharaoh Loosey. If trying to attach a definition to this term, one would find it easiest to say, "In the moment." The music of Pharaoh Loosey is an ongoing experiment in sound relying heavily on improvisation or "in the moment" playing. The actual words "Whack" and "Formal" have definitions that at first don't seem to coexist under one term, but as we disect the literal meanings of the two words, we come to find the term quite fitting.