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Troublesome Rising: An Evening of Art & Activism at The Southgate House Revival

Photo Cred: Tyler Barrett

Hindman Settlement School, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Urban Appalachian Community Coalition, and Roebling Books & Coffee to host Troublesome Rising: An Evening of Art & Activism at The Southgate House Revival!

Troublesome Rising: An Evening of Art & Activism will take place on September 7th at The Southgate House Revival. The event will celebrate the release of Troublesome Rising: A Thousand-Year Flood in Eastern Kentucky from Fireside Industries. The book is a powerful anthology with well-known and emerging Appalachian writers creating an authentic space for processing and healing as they document and share the depth of the 2022 flood's devastation in the region.

Dee Parker, Co-Chairperson of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth and a planned speaker at the event, said, “The flood was a devastating blow, but it has also shown the incredible resilience of Appalachia. In the wake of this disaster, those who were once voiceless have found their voices, speaking up about the community’s needs and fighting for a better future.”

Attendees will enjoy readings from contributors to the book: Bernard Clay, Robert Gipe, Amelia Kirby, Melissa Helton, Amy Le Ann Richardson, Frank X Walker, Pauletta Hansel, Kari Gunter-Seymour, George Ella Lyon, Mandi Fugate Sheffel, and Richard Hague. Music by Daniel Martin Moore, A.P. Harbor, The Farmer and the Crow, and Raison d'Etre!

 This event benefits Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition, and Hindman Settlement School, and has additional support from Roebling Books and Coffee.

Pauletta Hansel, a Core Member of the Urban Appalachian Community Coalition said, “The 2022 flooding in Appalachian Kentucky has had lasting damaging effects on both the land and the people. We are honored to be a part of the event that raises awareness of these issues and highlights the potential and resistance to the academic community.”

Hindman Settlement School’s mission is to provide education and service opportunities for people of the mountains while keeping them mindful of their heritage.

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth is a grassroots organization of thousands of members across Kentucky, organizing for a fair economy, healthy environment, racial justice, and an honest democracy.

The Urban Appalachian Community Coalition is an alliance of individuals and organizations committed to the well-being of Appalachian people, communities, and cultural expression in the greater Cincinnati area.

Roebling Point Books & Coffee is a place that first and foremost celebrates the impact a good book can have on one’s soul and our collective culture at large.