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Adeem the Artist Releases Run This Town Ahead of SGHR Show

Through its country shuffle and feel-good melodies, Adeem the Artist’s new single “Run This Town” could easily be confused for a 90s radio classic. That is until you give it a closer listen, catching on to the chorus’s last line: “Straight into the goddamn ground, but we’re gonna run it.” In Adeem’s true and beloved fashion, they’ve taken quite serious content, put a dark, humorous spin on it, and turned it into a song performed at the highest level.

 This Friday, catch Adeem the Artist at The Southgate House Revival with William Elliott Whitmore!

“This is a song about the Democratic party co-opting the language of grassroots leftists to inspire a vision of hope and equity only to perpetuate the redistribution of wealth from the labor class to the real-estate class,” they say. “Straight into the goddamn ground,” indeed. Like their songwriting, Adeem utilizes a strong visual component to get their message across.