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REVIEW: Tim Cappello at The Comet

Walking into The Comet to check out saxophonist Tim Cappello’s show my heart raced with anticipation. Will he still be the ripped, shirtless, oiled up sax god I remember from his iconic beach performance in The Lost Boys?

Cappello opened the show full throttle, glistening like a rock-n-roll pied piper as he played through the crowd towards the stage (even making a quick stop to serenade “Happy Birthday” to one lucky attendee). Nostalgia permeated the air and everyone went wild.

Cappello is a stellar storyteller and performer. He interspersed songs from his album, Blood on the Reed with life lessons from his acting days. Discussing his role as a drug dealer on Miami Vice, he was unsure how to fire the gun for a scene. Thousands of fans watched and laughed. “Humiliation is just something you don’t know for a moment, and then you’re going to get it,” Cappello stated.

The masses went crazy for “I Still Believe,” with Cappello asking if everyone was ready to go to ‘Vampire Church’. The crowd erupted, chanting “Tim! Tim! Tim!”

There’s no doubt Cappello loves his fans. He quipped, ”I’m the luckiest man in the world, 35 years later playing (to this group)...”

Indeed, I still believe.


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Tim Cappello at The Comet

Tim Cappello is not only an American musician, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and the saxophonist for Tina Turner in the 1980s and 90s. BUT he is THE sexy sax player in the The Lost Boys.