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Coffee, Food, & Techno - A Zvrra & flow Experience

Finding a truly unique and worthwhile experience can be a bit tricky these days - there are a lot to choose from, sure, but what are you really doing? Continuing their fascinating and playfully challenging foray into what I would certainly categorize as truly unique and worthwhile experiences, local label Whited Sepulchre has teamed up not just with Chicago-based artist Zvrra, but also flow, a wine style bar experience… but with coffee.


As an artist, producer, and musician, Zvrra has explored house, techno, ambient music and hip hop, which culminated with her latest album, Array of Light, out this past November on Whited Sepulchre Records. It’s a multifaceted and textured album that works just as well in your headphones as it does bouncing off the walls at your favorite club. Moody, ambient, shapeshifting, while layering house beats with big percussion and sharp basslines, it’s an album that sets a tone, stays in the zone, and does its best to keep you coming back to experience what it has to offer again and again.

In an oddly complimentary way, flow - owned by Rhys Watkins - tests thousands of coffees, hand-selects the best, then extracts them using equipment of their own design. The result? A concentrate 50% stronger than espresso, allowing the flavor, the nuance and subtlety, and even the locality of the coffee to shine through - you can actually taste where and how the coffee was grown. But what does this have to do with Zvrra?

In partnership with Whited Sepulchre Records, flow will be hosting a VIP Pre-Party, with only 25 tickets available. The lucky few will have the chance to hang out with Zvrra while eating an exclusive, coffee-infused meal spotlighting the Extremely Rare Double Fermented Macarena Colombia.

Rhys explained what this extravagant and wild meal entails, “The event [as a whole] will feature a full meal prepared by 5 local award-winning chefs, all creating custom dishes integrating our concentrate of the Rare Double Fermented Macarena Colombia Coffee, two drinks made with that coffee, a video from the roaster JBC discussing the coffee, and a live Facetime with the farmer in Colombia who produced the coffee. We’ll also have DJs at the pre-party spinning tracks.”

VIP Tickets will be $100, and include access to the pre-party starting at 7:00 pm, the full meal, and the concert itself! Message flow for VIP tickets.

After the event, attendees will walk from flow to The Southgate House Revival - just a few blocks away - for what’s sure to be a bombastic, incredible night of music courtesy of Zvrra.

Get all the info here, and enjoy what I can only imagine will be a supremely cool and memorable night of music, food, and coffee.