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REVIEW: Suzi Moon at The Southgate House Revival

Punk Rock is alive and well at The Southgate House Revival. Four down and dirty bands gave Friday evening’s patrons powerful performances that shook the roof off of Newport’s legendary venue.

Cincinnati based garage rock veterans The Mortals started off the night for the folks that showed up early and got started the night off in the right rocking direction. The Raging Nathans out of Dayton added more adrenaline to the fire with their pure Punk Rock fury. About midway through their set, their frontman pointed out his 5 year old son rocking out at the front of the stage, boasting he could take anyone out in the pit. I believe it. Little dude was rocking his heart out!

The Ravagers were up next. Dressed in leather, denim, sunglasses and dirty punk rock swagger, they took over the stage with a vengeance. Their musical style is a blend of old school 70’s punk rock and sleaze won the crowd over. I’ll admit, I had never heard them before seeing them live but they totally won me over and I made sure to pick up some music from their merch booth.

Suzi Moon was the final act for what was already a jam packed show. Dressed in a blue dress full of glitter and sequins and tons of energy, she’s a natural performer. Pounding her guitar, jumping and screaming on the stage, Moon is a sight to behold. The rest of the band matched her ecstatic energy and kept the show raging for the remainder of the evening.

Midway through the set, Moon left the stage while the rest of the band performed an incredible instrumental. Moon came back a few minutes later with a new outfit consisting of a catsuit and a fur sweater. With her hairstyle and attitude, she resembled a cross between Joan Jett and Cruella de Vil.

Towards the end of her set, Moon actually came down off the stage and walked into the crowd performing her newest single, “Animal,” walking straight up to people on the floor, singing with people as she included the crowd in on the fun.

Moon and the rest of the band hung out a little while after the show talking to and hanging out with the fans. It was hard to tell who was more excited, the fans talking to the band and the band themselves. Moon mentioned how much she loves to play at The Southgate House Revival and looks forward to coming back soon.

If you see that Suzi Moon is performing a show near you, do yourself a favor and check her out. Moon and her band put on a fantastic show full of theatrical performances and some damn good tunes.

Suzi Moon at The Southgate House Revival

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