Swear & Shake are Honest and Soaring

Swear and Shake hail from Brooklyn and are an indie folk quartet. The band is fronted by the guitar songstress Kari Spieler, and the left handed guitar and banjo picker Adam McHeffey, and old friends Ben Goldstein on drums and Shaun Savage on bass guitar. Kari and Adam wrap the vocal around melodies that are driving and at times raucous. The lyrics are honest and tell stories of different places seen and life experience.

Swear and Shake debut their first full length album Maple Ridge in 2012, and they have been touring relentlessly since its debut. They are set to have their sophomore album release in the fall of 2014. They have gained a following by unique YouTube videos and with that and their touring they have a committed group of fans throughout the country. With Kari Spieler’s hair raising vocals fans return to re-live that moment. Where she lets her vocal go and where you can feel the song from your head to your toes. Swear and Shake do a tremendous job not only on this album but at live shows, taking these songs and making them soar right out of the room.

With their brand of indie, folk, and rock Swear and Shake has put together some mighty fine tunes. Lyrically, vocally, melodically, the songs rise, they mellow out, and at certain points, at least on the record, get a little funky. I think you would be hard pressed to sit still at a Swear and Shake show. All that being said this a band to have on your radar. This is a band that has that proverbial “it” that all musician’s strive for. Take the time out and visit on them on that Youtube guy, or check em out at their website. If you really would like to treat yourself check them out here in Cincinnati on August 6th at the 20th Century Theatre with our very own Young Heirlooms. Swear and Shake are just honest songwriter’s and musician’s that simply play and sing from their heart, and in my humblest of opinions that is all you truly need, and they do it very well.