Taylor Alexander Releases New EP Then Jets off to London

Taylor Alexander is set to release his third EP release in as many years. The EP, Bleu, features a title track written and performed entirely in French! The band for the EP consists of members from local band favorites Archer's Paradox (Seth Huff, Stefan Wright) & Young Heirlooms (Kelly Fine, Chris Robinson). This will be the last local release for Alexander as he has planned an exciting move to London, England to pursue his music career! 

We sat down with Alexander prior to the EP Release this Saturday! 

Tell us about your newest EP, “Bleu”…
The new EP "Bleu" is my third since 2012. It includes 6 tracks and the title, Bleu, has a few different relevancies....The title track is written and performed entirely in French. It was always a goal of mine, as a songwriter, to write a song in another language. It speaks to the true beauty of music in that it connects all of the human race and isolates us as its sole creators. Music truly is the world's common bond. Bleu also features two blues influenced tunes. The blues come natural to me, I feel it. I understand them. I found myself continually drawn to blues artists and its shown through in my songwriting. These two tunes "Do What You Do" and "Don't Put the Guitar Down" are the first I've chosen to share with the world. 

How did you go about getting such the fine band lineup for this EP?
As far as finding the lineup I have for this release....I've been blessed with extraordinary friendships in this city. I've known/played/lived with Seth & Stefan for years. (Stefan and I knew each other before either of us played our current instruments, 2001) (Seth and I grew up in adjacent neighborhoods in West Chester) Chris and Kelly are newer friends, I toured with them for my first release and we've been like family ever since. I am so proud of their (Archer's Paradox & Young Heirlooms) success, its an honor to have them take time out of their busy schedules to accompany me. 

We are sad to see you leave our queen city, but moving to London is so exciting. What prompted the move there? I hear often New York, Austin or Nashville but not usually London….
London, it was prompted by girlfriend's acceptance to Kings College for Environmental Risk Analysis. I am very much excited to take my show on the road and perform for a completely new audience and really take myself out of my comfort zone. I've found I write best when I'm uncomfortable. 

What are you going to miss the most about playing shows in Cincinnati?
I'll miss knowing every face in the crowd as well as those who may be passing by....I'm excited to play shows here after being gone for awhile.... 

What is the next step for Taylor Alexander?
The next step for Taylor Alexander is perpetually the same. Its creating high quality, hand-crafted songs with tasteful musical accompaniment. I have already begun the next record. It's 10 songs so far, the project is called "Guardians" that is as much as I know currently. The main goal is make music my full time gig. Whatever that entails... 

Any advice for your peers playing / making music in Cincinnati?
My advise, is this. Never give up, you CANNOT fail if you never give up. If you love music and you feel like its the only thing that will make you happy in life, then commit. Commit to your own personal life-long journey and see what happens. I'm anxious to see what its in store for my friends and I, and I hope you can make it to the release show! 

Taylor Alexander
EP Release
Saturday April 19th