Brooklyn's Landlady Stops by The Comet

When you mix the lyrical styles of the Pixies and the music of the Flaming Lips, you produce an indie folk-pop sound that is dynamically unique. 

The Brooklyn-based band, Landlady, was formed in 2010 and includes an array of multi-instrumentalists. The band consists of lead vocalist Adam Schatz of the Teenage Prayers and Man Man, Ian Chang on drums, vocals, guitar, Mikey Freedom Hart on guitar, vocals, Ian Davison  bass, vocals, and Booker Stardrum on drums. 

They released their debut 8-track album, Keeping to Yourself, in 2012 and has a very playful and lo-fi sound. Landlady’s upcoming album Upright Behavior (Hometapes Records) is due out in the spring and have released their first single off of the album, “Above My Ground.”

“Above My Ground” is a mid-tempo song that starts off soft and crescendos into this deafening climax, then decrescendos to the end of the song.

Landlady is coming to The Comet, 4579 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223 on March 18.