Get to know Download Artist of the Week: Jim Casto!

You can download "Carolina" by Jim Casto for free HERE!

Give us some background on Jim Casto...
I grew up locally here in Cincinnati and have been playing guitar and singing since I was 15.  I attended Kent State University, which has a solid original music scene.  It wasn’t till my last few years in Kent that I started taking writing seriously.  Much of my musical influence is derived from the musicians I met during my time in Northeast Ohio.  I tend to have trouble describing my musical style.  I use folk/country as a go-to description when asked, and I’m still probably way off.  Some of my recent recordings have some rock n’ roll influence.  

What are some things you love about being a musician in Cincinnati?
I haven’t been much of a staple in the Cincinnati music scene, but I am hoping to at least be toeing that line by the end of fall.  So far what I love about the local music scene in Cincinnati is the camaraderie most of the bands/musicians have around town.  It seems like a lot of bands are sharing gigs across various venues.  They respect each others music and want to see the other succeed.  That’s a refreshing vantage point for a musician like myself, who is currently on the outside looking in.  The fact that there are so many venues supporting local original music (Southgate House Revival, MOTR, Stanleys, Northside.. to name a few), only shows that this city is definitely heading in the right path musically.  

What is next for Jim Casto? Tour, Album etc...
I am currently in the process of recording an album.  Whether that’s and EP or a full length has yet to be determined.  I’d like to have something to distribute at upcoming shows, but I’m having a lot of fun crafting these songs with my friends.  I have some great musicians playing on the album.  They are a very talented local band named Dr. Hue.  Lately we’ve been playing together as a full band and have booked a handful of local shows this summer/fall.  We will be playing to a lot of new ears, which is always a good thing.  Some shows coming up include.. 

Aug 9th- Stanleys Pub– supporting LZRPNY
Aug 16th- AYE Music and Arts Festival
Sept 7th- Southgate House Revival- with our friends, The Speedbumps (Cleveland, OH)
Oct 24th- Muskingum University