An exciting weekend just got a bit more… well, exciting.

This year’s Bunbury Festival, held at Sawyer Point in Cincinnati, is already jam-packed with local bands and talent, nationally and internationally recognized artists and musicians, and local cuisine and vendors. Adding a titillating element to the festivities, Trojan  - yep, that Trojan – will be on hand as well, giving away thousands of their Trojan Vibrations line of vibrators for free.

On Saturday July 13th, from 4-8pm, festival attendee’s can stop by the aptly titled Trojan Pleasure Carts at Sawyer Point and Yeatman’s Cove to snag one of Trojan’s latest and greatest vibrators, free of charge. The hard part? Choosing between the Trojan Tri-Phoria or the Trojan Pulse, both high-quality vibrators which retail at $30 or more each. Cincinnati is the latest stop on a nationwide tour, and with 42,000 vibrators already given away, Trojan means (frisky) business.  You can check out more about Trojan Vibrations here:

Win a pair of 3-day passes to Bunbury Music Festival HERE!