Vincent Vega

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Vincent Vega is an up and coming lyricist hailing from Cincinnati, OH that specializes in hip hop. Deciding to fight the temptation of today’s cliché artists, Vega uses his simple formula he calls “Beats & Rhymes”. Without glorifying violence or negativity, Vega insists he isn’t a rapper and uses the genre “motivational music”, by speaking on the recession and other real-life issues, Vega is considered a revolutionary. Vincent Vega’s purpose is to resurrect traditional hip

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One Night Only: Vincent Vega & Friends

Vincent Vega doesn't glorify violence or negativity, he speaks under his genre of "motivational music".  Vega simply uses beats and rhymes to get his point across. Vega speaks of real life issues and his purpose is to place the lyrics at the forefront and resurrect traditional hip hop. Vega has...