Nerves Junior

Nerves Junior is a Louisville, Kentucky four piece that focuses on blending dark electronics and sharp guitar, drums, and vocals that spread into lush soundscapes. The music of Nerves Junior teeters on the fine line between dreamy and nightmarish, as layers and layers of bold sounds swirl around changing the mood moment to moment. Nerves Junior is Zack O’ Renick (Vocals/Electronics), Chris Snow (Guitar/Electronics), Brennon Staples (Bass/Electronics), and Brey McCoy (Percussion). Their debut

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Psychic Twin to Headline First Night of MPMF ’13 at MOTR

It’s that magical time of year in Cincinnati – the leaves are starting to change, the temperature is no longer on a scale of Scorched Earth to The Actual Surface of the Sun, and MidPoint Music Festival is once again upon us. On Thursday, September 26th – the first of three nights of this...