Judge n Jury

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Judge n Jury is a Cincy based all original song, band, socially irresponsible rock n roll for sick minds and fine bodies. A mash up of punk n soul, rock n country, played rapid fire, ,, Captain STEVE on lead guitar,,, T.J., the Judge on guitar and vocals, Crystal on backing vocals, lead screams, other vocal mayham, Ammie on skins, and the Colonel on low end BASS. Decades in the making, Check out Reverbnation for our first 7 studio traxs, and facebook. ROCK n ROLL the was it was meant to be,,,

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Restore the Store: A Benefit for Rabbit Hash

On February 13th, the General Store in Rabbit Hash went up in flames. Most us watched the news break on our phones and spent the rest of the evening grief stricken while the news of the destruction unfolded. Kelly Thomas was at The Southgate House Revival that night.  She has performed at the...

Benefit to Rebuild Rabbit Hash General Store

This whole house event, at the beautiful Southgate House Revival, put together by local musician and Rabbit Hash lover, Kelly Thomas (Wilder - and the first lady of Cincinnati Music), to bring the local music community together to help raise funds to rebuild the General Store in Rabbit Hash...

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