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Flobots Address Womenomics 

This past October, Jonny 5 of Flobots spent 2 weeks in Japan reuniting with his Japanese friends and loved ones, including the host family he stayed with during a year of study abroad in college. While re-immersing himself in Japanese language and culture, the #metoo movement was just gaining momentum in the United States. When Jonny 5 arrived back home, he was asked by the Japan American Society of Colorado to create a piece addressing the theme of "Womenomics". "Duel Lingo" is the result.

Preview: Flobots at tSGHR on Saturday! 

Alt hip hop group, Flobots, are playing The Southgate House Revival this Saturday in the Sanctuary. Attempting to change the world through song is audacious. It will always be a lofty goal; an ideal worthy of our respect and admiration. In an era filled with self absorbed pop stars, it's even...