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 It’s been four years since the band released their last album, Color of Compassion EP in 2008. Ellison now returns with a new album. Brighter Than Sunlight will be the bands fourth studio album, and has been in the works for over three years. The sound of Ellison continues to mature with each album the band releases. Brighter Than Sunlight is set to be release summer of 2012. The sound of Ellison has been described as having some of the trademarks of “Emo,” but with a more graceful,

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Download "Brighter Than Sunlight" by Ellison for Free! 

Take a break from the cold weather, and get ready for Spring, by downloading "Brighter Than Sunlight" the latest album from Ellison for free HERE for 1 week only.  

The Grey Academy :: This Saturday 

Front man from one of your past favorite local bands Ellison, Joshua Hill is busting out with a new project called The Grey Academy. It's been 4 years since the last Ellison release, but Hill is back and is supported by some familiar faces, making for an amazing lineup. However, don't expect to...

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