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“We don't want our happiness to depend on whatever level of success we achieve with music.  Often we catch ourselves getting depressed thinking about the amount of work, money, and effort we put forward with music vs. the monetary payoff or lack of response.  But that's not why we want to do music in the first place.  We love the process (writing, recording, playing out). We’re just really trying to be more in-the-moment and enjoy where we are.”We released our debut album “No More

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BoyMeetsWorld & Radio Rescue CD Release Tonight!

BoyMeetsWorld and Radio Rescue are co-headlining a CD release party for both bands tonight at The Madison Theater! BoyMeetsWorld are releasing their debut album, “Do What’s Best For You”, while Radio Rescue are releasing their sophomore album, “The Soundtrack to Second Pace.” Tickets are...