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In May of 2010, a brotherhood of five musicians decided to take music to a whole new level. That is when Aristo was born and this is the story of how the band came to be:After previously touring and playing in a band together, Chris Glover (drums), Eric Gregory (guitar) and Graham Vogel (bass/vocals), decided they wanted to start a new project together. Unsure of the direction of the project the three musicians began writing songs together, but knew that a piece of their puzzle was missing.

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BoyMeetsWorld & Radio Rescue CD Release Tonight!

BoyMeetsWorld and Radio Rescue are co-headlining a CD release party for both bands tonight at The Madison Theater! BoyMeetsWorld are releasing their debut album, “Do What’s Best For You”, while Radio Rescue are releasing their sophomore album, “The Soundtrack to Second Pace.” Tickets are...

February Spotlight: Let It Happen

It isn't about fame or fortune according to the local pop-rock band, Let It Happen. This four-piece is all about providing fans with honesty and enjoyment; they aren't necessarily concerned about getting big. Let It Happen wants you to fall in love with pop-rock through their latest EP release, It...