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Wonky Tonk Tonight at The Southgate House Revival

Wonky Tonk Tonight at The Southgate House Revival

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Wonky Tonk just released her debut album, Stuff We Leave Behind, on 11/13, and is playing Tonight at The Southgate House Revival! 

Check out our recent interview with Wonky Tonk HERE!

Blending old-school country with indie/alternative rock, Wonky Tonk's debut reflects her wandering spirit and fascination with time and place. Stuff We Leave Behind deals with the necessity of moving on at critical points in your life.  “Heartbreak makes the jukebox play”, she was once told. Though her music reflects her world of loss and longing, jangly sunshine pops through the clouds unexpectedly, tracking her evolution as an artist and a person.

“Wonky Tonk mixes country touchstones with chamber pop, bestowing a Keroucian restlessness to each of the album’s songs.” - Bucket Full of Nails